Quantity Surveying

The core service of ‘msqs’ is Cost Management.  Our main focus is the establishment and control of project costs from conception to completion, by using the following principles:-

Cost Planning and Reporting Our strategy is to provide appropriately detailed cost plans and thereafter continually monitor the plan through the whole construction activity and by establishing appropriate reporting systems keep inform the decision making process and so minimise risk to expenditure.

Value Engineering Challenge the design to enable best ‘whole life value’ to be achieved within the constraints of the project brief.

Specialist Services Other standalone or ‘added value’ services offered, include:-

  • Appointment/Contract documents
  • Programming
  • Due Diligence support
  • Monitoring Progress / Regular Site Inspections
  • Whole Life Costing / Value Engineering
  • Forensic Audit
  • Principal Advisor

Risk Management ‘msqs’ continually assess project risk issues throughout the construction process and are strong up-holders of risk identification and resolution before works commence on-site.

Billing ‘msqs’ employs the latest specialist software programmes to improve accuracy and efficiency. Our billing services include:-

  • Traditional Bills of Quantities
  • Cost Plan Quantification for Two Stage Tendering
  • Bills of Approximate Quantities and Schedules of Work

Employer’s Agent Our EA services are generally employed in conjunction with our Quantity Surveying function on Design & Build projects, however, these can also be operate independently.

Information Technology The Practice utilises the latest IT hardware and software in the execution and delivery of its services.